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Meet Phil Jackson

Building a business isn’t always easy.  I should know.

I’ve been running my own salon since 2001.  I’ve seen most things: resignations, recession, screaming customers.  We’re busy people, us salon owners.  Coach, mentor, manager – even plumber!  It’s no wonder that “salon marketer” got left out somewhere along the line.

I’ve enjoyed some great stuff in this industry too: awards, recognition and (finally) financial freedom for me and my family.

Now as my salon business is at the stage where I can take a step back, I'm determined to help you master the skills you need to grow your business too.  To finally generate the profits you deserve and to lead a fuller life.

Online Courses

Salon Memberships

Lose your 'first of the month' anxiety forever, set yourself apaprt from the competition and increase customer loyalty.

Salon Team
Rocket Fuel

Let your team take the strain, be the manager they deserve and show them how deliver excellent results for your business.

Salon Pricing
in a Month

FINALLY get paid properly!  Take all the guesswork out of setting your salon prices in this step-by-step program.

Email Marketing
made EASY!

Discover how email can grow your profits by getting MORE clients to spend MORE each visit AND come in more regularly.

Salon Retail
Vitamin Shot

Sometimes all we need it a virtual shove in the right direction!  This mini-course is a shot in the arm for your salon retail

How to hold GREAT
Team Meetings

No more meeting dread!  Keep your salon team meetings on track, avoid sabotage and maintain the positivity with this easy-to-follow mini-course

Crystal Clear

You don't have to be a slave to your business!  Set business goals that support your dreams and help you lead a fuller life.

Achieve MORE

Get more of the RIGHT work done with this mini course.  Reduce overwhelm by slashing your 'to-do' list and finally getting organised.

Handling Customer Complaints

Turn a complaint into something that holds no fear and can actually help you improve your business in this manager AND team course.

Salon Recruitment

Know with certainty whether it is time to recruit and get help with advertising your vacancy and the interview and selection process.

Salon Referral

FINALLY! A recommend-a-friend program that actually delivers great results, even when you can't reply on your team to promote it!