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My TWO most popular live seminars in one amazing day

Sunday 17th October 2021

Morning Seminar - 9.30am - 12.30am

Salon memberships are the simplest way to boost your profits, FINALLY get paid properly and sleep a little easier at night!

. . . even better, your clients (maybe even your competitor's clients 🤫) will love your membership programme too!

And if you think searching for the next 'big thing' service and getting yourself busier will help with the '1st of the Month' anxiety, you REALLY need to read on . . .

Why Salon Memberships?
4 GREAT reasons to take your head out of the sand and start a membership programme

✅   Smooth out the peaks and troughs in your salon income
✅   Know for sure you can afford your bills on the 1st of the month EVERY month

✅   Set yourself apart from your local competition - your clients will love a more convenient, modern way of doing business with you

✅   Membership clients are LOYAL!  Relax - financial planning is a breeze when you take the guesswork out of how much you'll make
✅   Stop stagnating and grow your salon profits. More importantly, pay yourself properly and let your team take some of the strain

IN SHORT . . .
If you want to fall back in love with your salon business, lower your stress and anxiety about your salon turnover, boost your profits and start running your business like the creative entrepreneur you really are, you need salon memberships in your life!

Trust me: working harder and harder is NOT the way out of this!

Afternoon Seminar - 1.30pm - 4.30pm

Engaging with your email list is one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing your business

. . . PLUS it's a list YOU own, not owned by Mr Zuckerberg!

If you're not engaging with your list on a regular basis you are LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE!  And it's a marketing pillar that costs you almost nothing too.

Why Email Marketing?
3 was email marketing can help you to bigger profits!

✅   Keeping in regular contact with your list builds loyalty and extends lifetime value of customers
✅   Increase customer spend by promoting products and services to your amazing customers

✅   Get traction on your new products and services quicker to get a real buzz in the salon

IN SHORT . . .
If you want to make more money WITHOUT searching for new clients, email marketing is a no-brainer!  For a tiny outlay you can enhance every promotion in your salon PLUS it's a way to boost your takings WITHOUT spending more time in the salon.

Truth is - most salons do this REALLY badly!

OPTIONAL - Cocktails and Karaoke (evening)

Ready to kick back and have some fun?


Our own private karaoke booth for two hours, plus a bottle of house champagne or jug of cocktail per person.

Click your chosen seminar booking then add "Cocktails and Karaoke" to your order.  We reserve the right to cancel this add-on and refund your booking fee if less than 6 people request it.


  • SALON MEMBERSHIPS non-refundable booking fee
  • £10

    Full price £94. Balance due 10th September 2021.

    Save your space
  • EMAIL MARKETING non-refundable booking fee
  • £10

    Full price £94. Balance due 10th September 2021

    Save your space
  • BOTH SEMINARS non refundable booking fee
  • £20

    Full price £134. Balance due 10th September 2021.

    Save your space