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with Phil Jackson

Salon Reviews and Testimonials – your Marketing Dynamite!

I’ve spoken before about the best way to handle negative reviews you might receive on Facebook or Google. It happens. You can’t leverage social media and digital marketing without putting your head above the parapet. And occasionally that means someone will take a shot. Today, however, I want to be a bit more positive and show you how we can encourage positive salon reviews and testimonials, and more importantly to put them to work in a very powerful way in our salon marketing materials. There are plenty of salons building a decent library of testimonials now. We’ve been on Facebook, Yelp and Google long enough to get plenty of salon reviews. The problem is, a lot of people will only leave a review if they are either ecstatically happy, or really very unhappy. What you’re left with is a very erratic picture of the salon. So what’s the alternative? Therefore, I think you should be a lot more proactive. Go out there and get a lot more reviews. And make this part of your regular marketing efforts. Second, I want you to be much more aggressive in your use of salon reviews. Sprinkle them liberally over social media, your web page, flyers, price cards. Essentially, this comes down to a deep understanding of your customer avatar. In short you have to know what is important to her. Armed with that knowledge your marketing becomes extremely targeted. For instance if you know that your avatar is short on time, your job is to emphasise timekeeping and punctuality in your marketing. I know it sounds simple. Because it is! But only once you have started consistently asking for your salon reviews. Had some success with this? Please, join the discussion on the Build Your Salon facebook page here: I LOVE hearing about how well you’re doing!